District 4-L1 - Lions Club International
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Welcome to District 4-L1

in Sunny California!

A place to help start to bring in awareness among the youth of California about general well being.


We are a structured institution which can make sure that everything is organized well.


We can make sure that you have a specific group of people who can help guide you through our causes.


We have a club who focus on one aspect of growth when it comes to the community.


We want to make sure that the projects are well balanced to match the needs of the community.

Cabinet Members

Cabinet members are people who are trying to make sure that we have a clear vision of the future that we are aiming for.


Jessica R. Lacy


Joe J. Brown


Gerald H. White

Action Against Hunger

We can make sure that with our efforts we can make sure that nobody has to sleep due to hunger.

Learn More

American Kidney Fund

We have been collecting funds to ensure that one understands the right way of getting things done.

Learn More

 Animal Welfare Institute

We can make sure that even the animal are protected which can help ensure that community thrives.

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  • Burj Al Arab

    7 Best Places to Visit in Dubai

    Dubai is one of the most glamorous cities in the world. The enigmatic edifices record the authenticity of the landscape. Every sand particle glorifies the enigmatic existence of Dubai. It praises the spirit of royalty and luxury. Dubai is the best example of spontaneous endeavors and spectacular tourism. Dubai is one of the greatest cities in the global list of tourism. The breathtaking architecture is one of the attracting factors of Dubai. It is surveillance of golden sand, varieties of spices and striking coastline. A piece of Arabian Gulf that was once unnoticed is now a global icon for tremendous tourism and travellers favourite destination. The energetic edifices, luxurious hotels, fascinating entertainment parks, shopping complexes and the spice markets are the highlights of the Dubai tourism. Its audacious style dazes your expectation as high as its reputation.

    Dubai Mall

    Dubai mall is an advent of Dubai luxury. Dubai mall gives you a perfect touch of its luxury. Every sand matter of this edifice is exquisite Ivory. It exhibits an intact package of wonders and fiery.

    Burj Khalifa

    Burj Khalifa is an aesthetic union of grace and pride. The raising glow from desert elevates you skywards holding your head high, letting you experience the ultimate pride. As you take the elevators that boost you up into the gates of sky, you will mesmerize the glory of the world’s tallest building. It will present you a wonderful view of the entire city and vastness of the Arabian Sea.

    Dubai fountain

    Dubai fountain is vivacious lake choreography. Dubai fountain is a free eye treatment to the tourists with a complimentary Burj Khalifa stellar light show; it is caked between Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and Souk Al Bahar.

    Dubai Karama frame

    The Karama frame is a great divide between past and future. A gold plated edifice electrifies you, as you hoist to the upper breadth of the frame. You experience the magnificent divide of old and new Dubai through this very frame. Dubai Karama frame

    Ferrari world

    Speed is an experience you witness here in the Ferrari theme park stimulates your urge of craziness with speed. The rides leave you with great dynamism and wonder.

    Miracle garden

    A fusion of beauty and award, as you enter the garden, elegance surrounds with diligent fumes and mightiness of colours, petals. A perfect combination of art witnesses the craving for green. The aesthetic cover of park drives you in delight and prettiness. The sky covering fragrances of the flower, varieties of species and the presentable art of nature drives the stunning aspiration of green desire dwells within the niche of the tourist.

    Dubai marina

    Dubai marina Dubai Marina is sand submerge in the sea. A splendid view of marina drives your heart out into its composed waves. Her sand paints you golden, embracing the historical essence of Dubai genesis.

    Burj Al Arab

    It is one of the greatest architecture of Arabian Gulf. It is an exotic construction and homes a combination of beauty and luxury. It is known for its wonderful cuisines and ambience. The building is a pearl to the vast exaggerating beach....

  • Essential Travel Gear

    All the Essential Travel Gear

    Travelling without the right kind of gear is a big mistake that you should never commit nor think of committing. The right type of materials is required for any journey since being prepared is essential during these times. Your bag needs to be packed with the right goods that are needed to keep you confident during all times. But there are particular items that need to be packed, and you should not carry everything that you find. So, to make matters simple, here are all the essentials ingredients that need to go into your bag.

    Travel Bottles

    Being hydrated is essential at all times since you might not be aware of what's coming up ahead. For your journey, there are specific bottles that you need to buy, and these are the ones that fit right into your luggage. They come in all sizes and shapes, letting you choose them based on your comfort. These are also the ones that can carry sufficient litres of water that will be perfect for an individual. Hence, get one immediately. Travel Bottles

    Duffel Bag

    You should never have second thoughts about the kind of bag that you are planning on carrying. Among your list, a duffel bag needs to be picked, as it is highly effective. They tend to provide you with the required kind of space that can fit most of your items. These bags are also flexible, ensuring things for the better.

    The Travel Adapter

    Watching your phone run out of battery is one sight that you don't want to see. So, you need the right adapter that will help you curb this problem at the earliest. The travel adapter is one such equipment that comes with numerous slots that help solve most of your purposes. The Travel Adapter

    Hand Sanitizer

    You might not be aware of the kind of places that you are going to visit, so the factor of hygiene tends to be clueless. Make them easy by taking a hand sanitizer that comes in handy during all these moments. By using one of these, you are keeping bacteria away and making life easier.

    Packing Cubes

    Packing can be a hard task, especially when you want them in order. So to make things simpler, you need specific packing cubes that blend well with all the type of articles that you keep in them. The modern traveller uses these packing cubes, as they help to keep things the easy way.

    Additional Backpack

    Adventures require you to carry something extra for the road. For this purpose, you need backpacks that help you carry things for the right reasons. They are also called day backpacks, thanks to their effective nature. Hence, get one of these if you are planning on travelling.  ...

  • Playing Video Games

    Some Benefits Of Playing Video Games For The Mind Of A Child

    It is essential to know that a parent-approved video game is a great thing when it is played in proper moderation, and it will actually help the child a great deal. It will have some educational and social features that will mold the child and will help them in many ways. These are some things that I will actually be talking about in this guide. Here are some reasons why online games and other sorts of games are beneficial to your kids.

    • As parents, we are always focusing on giving all of our attention to our children, and we always seem to fixate on everything that may pose as a potential danger to the children. We always tend to be overprotective, and we should stop doing that for the good of the children. We should let them have their fun; we should let them run around; we should let them make mistakes and learn on their own. We should also know that games will indeed be a part of the children’s childhood. They can be a powerful tool that will actually help the children when it comes to developing certain life skills. They will help the children with so much indeed. It will help mold the way they solve problems, it helps them with the cognitive development of their brains, and it will also help them with so many skills.
    • Video games and even some online games have been known to help kids with a lot of problem-solving skills. They help with the brain development of the child is a great way. The colors and also the quick movements will help the child make decisions that will help with the outcome of the game. They will also learn about wins and losses as well. They will also learn some things which you will not have to teach them later on. Games don’t exactly have to be labeled educational in order to help the children when it comes to making decisions and using strategies and whatnot. They will also anticipate the consequences of their actions, and they will know what to do in situations when they are in trouble in the game.
    Some game
    • Some games have actually been known to show a lot of history and culture. Children actually pick up a wide range of complex languages and even context with connections too. The games often allow the children to design the outline of the entire game. Many things are custom, and the decisions you make will predict the outcome of the game.
    • Games make the kids more social, and they also help them make friends.

  • Some Features That All Online Games Should Have In Common

    If you are someone who is a little sharp, you would have definitely noticed that all online games, at least in recent times, have been quite criticized by a lot of people. Most of these people have started criticizing it because of how much time other people are spending on the internet playing games, instead of engaging in other activities which could actually be more productive. Most of the reports that have surveyed people who play a lot of online games say that they actually enjoy them. They have no complaints about them because online games have proven to be really entertaining indeed. These are some features that most online games will have, look for them when you play some the next time. other people are spending

    • Online games actually have some of the best graphics and design that you would have seen. When you are playing them, you play on a server on the internet; you are not downloading them on to your device. All of the gaming is done completely on the cloud, in a server on the internet.
    • Since these games are all on the internet, they are constantly updated in the background. You never have to worry about updating them and whatnot. They will be updated with the latest firmware as well.
    • Some actually prefer online games to console games that come in a CD.
    • The thing is, nowadays, consoles are coming with a huge storage capacity, and you can actually download the games if you want to onto the hard-disk of your gaming console. Or, you can play on the cloud which will obviously require an active and fast internet connection from your side.
    Multi-player games
    • With online games, you are connected to many servers, and there is a scenario where it is entirely possible for you to be connected to a friend that is literally on the other side of the planet. You will be able to play games with them on your console. Multi-player games are indeed all the rage nowadays, and they show no signs of slowing down. They should not slow down either. They are meant to entertain the masses, and they are doing that with grace.
    • Online games are always on websites which you will have to visit. In other cases, there are scenarios where you will have to download an application on your PC or laptop, which will then lead you to the game. The application downloads make some money for the company. It is okay if the game is a paid one, you will have a good time playing it.
    • Online games typically make it so that you cannot pause them.

  • Online Game

    Some Features That Make Online Game Very Interesting

    It is definitely true that people have always seemed to enjoy the games that are indeed really competitive and also these games are really mentally stimulating as well. You should know that they will always challenge you in ways that you will certainly enjoy in many ways. But, you should see presently that the gaming industry is currently booming and will actually continue to boom more and more furthermore. The popularity for these games is undoubtedly more than evermore.Online games have actually become incredibly famous and popular as well; mainly because of the features that they offer. You should also know that such games actually have a profound effect on the mind and body. You will find that your motor skills and also your hand-eye coordination are much better because of these games. Normally, people have shown signs that they like playing in their hour of freedom and leisure, when they can get away from all of their worries and responsibilities. gaming industry Games are an easy escape from boredom. One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity would be the fact that it provides hundreds of hours of entertainment. The layperson does not even go to think of any other positives that the game may have; they also do not think of any negatives either. All they are looking for would be the fact that it provides a lot of entertainment and happiness, and that is what they want in the first place. Games that offer role-playing, traditional themes and also puzzle games are actually being played more and more. Games like chess have actually been evergreen, and they will continue to be so because they will never ever go out of style. The first reliable reason that the game would be popular would be the fact that it is cited for the ability to play from home or wherever you want. As long as you have a device that can handle that game and as long as it has an internet connection, you are set. You can play it as much as you can. make friend Playing online games has been known to help us make friends from all around the world. They will also connect us to people who are halfway across the world with just a click of a button. You will also be able to hear what the other person is saying if you guys choose for that option. The games will indeed be made with the help of high-quality graphics, and you will see that you enjoy them so much that you will want to keep playing them. The games also offer a rewards option that you can choose....

  • Ways smart technology makes your life easier

    Over time, AV Discovery Malaysia technology has changed the world in countless ways. People always found comfort and convenience by adopting new technology and it can help them to make their work easy.  It is a good idea for you to take some time and......

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