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Official District Governor Visitation Schedule 2013 

Click the link for  
Official District Governor Visitation Schedule 2013


Directory Editorial Changes 2013 

Some astute Lions may have noticed that the District Directory has some errors. Click the link below for corrections  
Directory Editorial Changes 2013


Lions Youth Exchange Program 

The Lions Youth Exchange Program is one of Lions’ International's biggest peace programs. In order to make our goal a reality, we must find students to go on this program. We also need host families who are willing to take these students during the summer for a two week period. Without your help in promoting this program, our dream may never occur. The program is open to anyone between the ages of 15 ½ to 21 years old. It is a natural progression for all students participating in our student speaker contests and our Leos to go onto the Lions ’Youth Exchange program. The more Lions programs we can keep our children involved in, the greater our chances of them becoming Lions themselves. 

As for our Peace Poster contestants, although they are a little young for this program now, all Peace Poster committee people should relate the Youth Exchange Program to them. This is so they can “save their pennies and get excited about participating in this program. 

Please download and make as many copies as possible of the attached Youth Exchange Flyer to give out to all students you meet. 
Please also go onto our website at MD4Lions.org and click on “YouthExchange” for a better "Understanding" of this program. 

Thank you Lion Eileen 
Youth Exchange Committee


Click this Flyer for a PDF copy of this image. 


LA International Laughlin Bus Trip 2014  

Dear Fellow Lions, In an attempt to replenish our Charity Account, which has been left seriously depleted as a result of the unfortunate cancellation of our major fundraiser, my Club has decided to organize a bus trip to Laughlin, Nevada, all the details of which are in the attached flyer
This is our first attempt at such an event and, hopefully, it will become an annual one. There are only 48 available seats on the bus so it will be on a first come/first served basis. I do hope we can count on the support of the Lions in the District (friends and family are welcome) to support this event and I know it will be a most enjoyable, fun and possibly profitable occasion. 
Best wishes, 
Peter Rowland 
President, LA International Lions Club. 


US/Canada Forum Update- TO ALL MEMBERS OF DISTRICT 4-L1  

This is another reminder of the US/Canada Forum coming up in September. 11 thru 13, 2014. You need to make your reservations, post mark before May 31st , to get the early bird rate. You will need to make a deposit to reserve your room. 

Please make your reservations as soon as possible, I will have the forms and everything you need to sign in, for this Leadership Training. Do not wait until the very end and expect good accommodations. 

Please down load the 6 pages attached, there is all you need to make the reservations.  

Lion Amy Finks  is offering to all Lions a Cruise after the Forum, for one week, please read the sheet informing you , all about it, or you can contact Amy directly, they are very low rates, she can get this, because she books several rooms at the same time, which you can not do on your own.  

I will have this information again at our District Convention.  

Lion: IPDG Eduardo Oviedo 
US/CANADA FORUM District 4-L1, Chairman 
(714) 926-3355 


Metro Region Cabinet Meeting  

Meeting organisers plan that the event occur at the Beverly Garland Hotel  
Please click the link for more information. 


Sunland-Tujunga Lions Watermelon Festival 2014  

Attached is the flyer for the Watermelon Festival at the Santa .Anita Track on July 19-20,2014. 
This is the big fund raising of Sunland-Tujunga Lions Club. 
 WE have a set up of the "LIONS DEN " and we request everyone to please assist us to have volunteers help the activities in our Lions Den. 
 I sent the time schedule for those 2 days. 
Please let me know if you did not receive the list. 
Thanks for your assistance.

PDG Lita Guidotti 
Cell: (818) 388-0303 
Fax: (818) 626-9536 
email: litagui@aol.com  . 

Please read all the following instructions before you click  LIONS DEN to see the form.  
  • Click the print icon at the top left of the PDF window to print a blank copy of this form for your records  
  • Click the save icon next to the print icon to save a blank copy of this form to your computer  
If you want to fill out this form you need to have Nuance PDF Reader 6 that you can download for free and then
  1. Click the link
  2. Enter appropriate information into the blanks
  3. Enter a letter in those blanks that are too small for complete information
  4. Enter that letter in the supplemental information area of the form and add the complete information there
  5. Click the print icon at the top left of the PDF window to print a filled in copy of this form for your records 
  6. Exit the window by going back to this page, or by closing the PDF window
Contact the webcoordinator@district4l1.org or docellis124@yahoo.com for help if these instructions confuse you or if you cannot succeed in printing or copying this form.


International Convention 2014 


Please see and read attached, complete information, provided to you all, with regards of our Intentional Convention in Toronto, Canada. 

Please register as soon as possible in order to save some money. I have attached everything you need to have and register. 

There is a complete Agenda as yet from International, and the complete Speakers, as soon as I receive it, it will be going your way. 

There are several pages you need to down load in order to have the complete information. 

If I can be of any assistance on your plans, please call me. 

International Convention and 

Here are ten pdf docs for your convenience  
  1. http://district4l1.org/Flyers/International Convention Toronto , Canada 20140001.pdf  
  2. http://district4l1.org/Flyers/International Convention Toronto , Canada 20140002.pdf 
  3. http://district4l1.org/Flyers/International Convention Toronto , Canada 20140003.pdf  
  4. http://district4l1.org/Flyers/International Convention Toronto , Canada 20140004.pdf  
  5. http://district4l1.org/Flyers/International Convention Toronto , Canada 20140005.pdf  
  6. http://district4l1.org/Flyers/International Convention Toronto , Canada 20140006.pdf  
  7. http://district4l1.org/Flyers/International Convention Toronto , Canada 20140007.pdf  
  8. http://district4l1.org/Flyers/International Convention Toronto , Canada 20140009.pdf  
  9. http://district4l1.org/Flyers/International Convention Toronto , Canada 20140010.pdf 
  10. http://district4l1.org/Flyers/International Convention Toronto , Canada 20140011.pdf


District plus NET 5 winners

We have 3 winners that successfully met the Net 5 competition, they are: 
  • Burbank Noon Lions Club, (5) 
  • L A Los Feliz Lions Club, (5) 
  • L A Host Lions Club.(5)  
Three clubs that are back to 20 in membership are 
  • Sunland Tujunga Lions Club
  • Burbank Noon Lions Club   
  • Acton Lions Club

Clubs that are almost back to 20 membership are: 
  • L A Los Feliz (19)
  • L A Griffith Park (19) 
  • L A Latin American (18)

Congratulation to above great Clubs.  

DG Josephine 


Urgent Request - Fire at SFV Rescue Mission  

Hello Lion Members,  

On Saturday May 3rd, there was a fire in San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission.  

Below is text of an email requesting your help at the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission. Please try to help them and you can send the items (as mentioned below) or donation checks. If you are donating online, please mention your Club Name. In any case, mention "Lions" name somewhere.  


PDG Yasin Lakhani 
President: Northridge Lions Club 
W: (818) 993-1786, 
C: (818) 522-0786 
“Service - A way of Life”  

The San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission Needs Your Help 

Just before 1 a.m. on Saturday morning, a fire destroyed the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission's emergency shelter, vehicle fleet, clothing warehouse and food pantry. It took more than 130 brave Los Angeles City firefighters to get the fire under control. Thankfully, there were no injuries; however, the damage is devastating to the Mission and the equipment it uses to serve our San Fernando Valley. 
Shelter guests were evacuated to a nearby church and are being assisted by the Red Cross. The Mission’s fleet of five box trucks, and two vans were completely destroyed in the blaze, bringing to a halt the S.O.S. program that provided mobile relief. The larger trucks were used to pick up donations of clothing and food for the thrift store and food bank; the thrift store production center and contents were also decimated in the fire.  

The destruction of the Mission’s vehicle fleet will seriously impact the emergency mobile program, which travels to six distinct areas of the Valley each week equipped with its mobile shower unit, hot nutritious food, and clothing and hygiene items for distribution. Each month, the SOS program serves an average of 1,500 men, women and children and provides over 1,500 meals, 1,400 items of clothing, 300 showers, and 400 hygiene kits.  

Cash donations are the most vital right now and may be made by visiting the Mission’s website. Trucks and temporary storage containers are also needed to continue the Mission’s work without interruption. You can also make a donation of vital goods. 
Items needed include: 
  • Children's clothing 
  • Adult clothing 
  • Socks and underwear 
  • Gift cards to Department stores and grocery stores
  • New children's shoes
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Soap
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • Feminine products
  • Blankets
  • Small household items
  • Personal hygiene items
You can drop off donations at the Sun Valley Thrift Store located at 9007 Lankershim Blvd. in Sun Valley from 9am-6pm daily or at the CD12 Community Service Center located at 9207 Oakdale Ave. in Chatsworth from 8:30am-4pm, Mondays through Fridays.  
In the last year, the Mission provided 9,700 nights of shelter to mothers, fathers and their children. In addition, more than 46,500 meals were served, and dignity was restored to over 10,500 homeless individuals through showers and clean clothes provided at eight mobile locations and three Mission-run thrift stores help fund a pathway for families to get off the streets and into self-sufficiency.  

The San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission has helped thousands of people in our community get back on their feet. Now it’s our turn to help this amazing organization get back on their feet.  

For more information and how to donate, please contact (888) 937-4448 or call our CD12 Community Service Center at (818) 882-1212.  

Operation Gratitude Update
Here is a letter from the folks at Operation Gratitude asking for help in helping the folks at the San Fernando Rescue Mission 


Tornado Relief 

Dear Fellow Lions,  

LCIF has announced the relief efforts in the tornado-stricken areas which has affected eight states - Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.  

A designated fund for donations called the Southern US Storms Fund has been established by LCIF.  
Please read LCIF-news Release and the email below sent by MD-4 LCIF chairperson-Roger Powell. Please donate generously for the cause.  


PDG Yasin Lakhani 
W: (818) 993-1786, 
C: (818) 522-0786 
“Service - A way of Life”  

Dear LCIF District Coordinators,

 Earlier today MD4 Governors and others received a timely message from Council Chair Derek Ledda regarding LCIF relief efforts in the tornado-stricken areas of the US. His message includes a link ( download attached below) to the LCI web site that takes you to LCIF's press release on Foundation efforts. The key facts are that LCIF has already awarded $160,00 in emergency grants to affected Lions Districts and is mobilizing an additional $250,000 to assist in relief efforts in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.  

The press release also notes that LCIF has established a designated fund for donations called the Southern US Storms Fund. BUT please keep in mind that this release is targeted to the general public. FOR LIONS, HOWEVER, as with the Philippines relief fund raising, credit for these contributions will NOT apply towards Melvin Jones Fellowships unless the donations are directed to the Disaster Relief Fund. This was reconfirmed for me today by phone with the LCIF office. The correct way to designate donations for the tornado relief effort is to make the check out to "Disaster Relief" and use the memo line to designate "Southern US Storms Fund." If this information should change, I will let you know right away. In the meantime, however, PLEASE be sure that your potential Lion donors understand this procedure. I really want us to avoid the confusion that occurred after the Philippines typhoon. 
You will no doubt be receiving updates from LCIF as the action unfolds. More from me also when I know more.  

Yours in Service,  

PCC Roger Powell 
MD4 LCIF Coordinator 


Philippines Typhoon Disaster 

Dear Lion Members,  

Super Typhoon Haiyan has struck the Philippines, and is continuing to wreak havoc in central areas of the country. Some reports have indicated it is the strongest tropical cyclone to hit land in recorded history. The extent of the destruction is beyond imagination and the death toll is thus more than 200, mostly confirmed in the city of Tacloban, and quickly rising as communications are reestablished with other areas of the Philippines. The stories about the suffering are widespread and heartbreaking and the need for massive and immediate relief is urgent.  

I know that Lions Clubs International Foundation will be there with strong financial support and the Lions of the Philippines will be out in force to provide food, shelter, clothing and medical assistance to the thousands of people who will desperately need the help. They have already sent emergency grant for $30,000 and another $100,000 was also sent. They will be sending much more.

I request the clubs and members of our District 4-L1 to come forward and donate for this cause.  

If you decide to send check to LCIF, you may send it directly and inform me or you may send the check to me and I will forward all the checks from our District to them.Donations to this fund are Melvin Jones Fellowship eligible.  

Although I am hoping for the best, the predictions are that we need to be prepared for the worst. I ask that you also keep the Lions of Multiple District 301-Philippines and the Filipino people in your thoughts and prayers.  


Lucky PDG Yasin Lakhani 
Chairman: LCIF Committee - District 4-L1 
W: (818) 993-1786, 
C: (818) 522-0786 
“Service - A way of Life”  

more from Lita

Hello Everyone,  

Per request of Council Chair Derek Ledda, I am forwarding to you his email regarding the Haiyan disaster (Typhoon) in the Philippines.  

It is really very sad flight that befell the Visayan area with this super strong typhoon that killed 10,000 people in just one area. Rescuers are still looking and are finding more bodies all over town.  

The typhoon hit areas not only poor but very very poor (super) people. They lost lives of relatives plus their belongings which is not much. No food, water, light.  

Kindly forward this message to your club member. LCI Disaster Relief dept. has been sending assistance to the Philippines. If you wish to help just mail to the Lions Club International Foundation or you may contact PDG Lucky for further assistance.  

Thank you all. Lita Guidotti 
Cell: (818) 388-0303 
Fax: (818) 626-9536 
email: litagui@aol.com  

 From Derek  

The situation in the Philippines in the wake of Super Storm Haiyan is being described as worse than hell. Tens of thousands of victims, some of whom may well be friends and relatives of California Lions, are without food, water, shelter, medical help and power. The death toll is projected to rise to at least 10,000 in one city alone. Although I was happy to read in the attached link to Immediate Past International President Wayne Madden's call to action that the Lions Clubs International Foundation has already sent $30,000 and has earmarked at least $70,000 more for immediate emergency relief, an enormous amount of help will still be needed to meet the overwhelming need now and into the future. Many Lions will respond to the news of the devastation with a generous outpouring of support to help alleviate the suffering of the countless number of victims of the worst storm in recent history.  

Please act now to make an individual donation and/or club donation in any amount you can afford to LCIF for the Super Storm Haiyan relief effort. I also ask that you sponsor club, District and community fundraisers to add to your support, every dollar of which will help to save and sustain lives. Remember that you or your club can receive credit towards the purchase of a Melvin Jones Fellowship by donating to LCIF for Haiyan disaster relief. Encourage your District Lions as well as your non-Lion friends, family, co-workers and potential community partners to also donate online to LCIF's relief effort by letting them know that: 
  1. 100% of what they donate will go directly to disaster relief with nothing taken out for administrative expenses . 
  2. Their donations will go to a 501(c)(3) non-profit making their donation tax deductible. 
  3. Like the $30,000 that LCIF sent to the Philipppines within 24 hours, Lions cut through all the red tape to immediately deliver the badly needed money to Lions already on site in the emergency areas to help direct the funds to where it's most needed. 
  4. There is follow up and oversight over the funding grants to ensure that the money donated is legitimately spent. 
  5. Lions Clubs International has a world wide reputation and expertise for effectively providing disaster services. 
  6. Donating can be done easily on line using a procedure, which is accessible in IPP Wayne's message below, that will provide the donor with evidence of the donation.  
Please share this with your club officers and members and join me in making a personal or club donation right away and consider organizing District and community fundraising projects to add to your support. 

Here's the link to access the easy online procedure IPIP Wayne provides for making your donation. http://lionsclubs.org/blog/2013/11/08/lions-disaster-relief-for-super-typhoon-haiyan/ 

Please contact your LCIF Chairperson or the MD-4 LCIF Coordinator Roger Powell at kpow@charter.net if you need more information about making a donation to LCIF. Thanks for doing all you can to help the thousands of desperate men, women and children in the Philippines who are depending on you.  

Lion Derek 
Council Chairperson 
Multiple District 4 
Lions Club International 

More from Lucky 

 Dear Lion Members,  

Thank you for responding to my last message.  . I have received many calls, emails and checks since then. Within a week we were able to get the commitments from the clubs and individuals from our District. The total has reached approx.$7,000 including $1,000 personal donation by DG Josephine Louie. I am thankful to the following Lions clubs: Palmdale, Tehachapi, LA Mid Valley, North Hollywood, Northridge, North West Glendale.  

I now request the Presidents and Secretaries of the Clubs to please consider donating to LCIF for disaster fund - Typhoon Haiyan. Inform your club members and request to do personal donations also. If you decide to send a check to LCIF, you may send it directly and inform me or you may send the check to me and I will forward all the checks from our District to them. Donations to this fund are Melvin Jones Fellowship eligible.  

Some questions were asked to our MD-4 LCIF Coordinator, PCC Roger Powell and he addressed those questions which will be helpful to most of you. Here is the extract of the answers.  
LCIF Charity ID number is 23-7939455. Donors should also be assured that upon receipt of their donations, LCIF will send a letter directly to the club for their files for use for tax purposes (even if you send the checks to me and I forward them)  

How can districts get credit for donations by non-Lions? ; 
Per LCIF: The district or club will receive credit if the non-member indicates who s/he is associated with when making the donation. The donors also can give their MJF credit to the club/district, if they wish. Recommended language: "My/Our donation is affiliated with District 4-L1, and I/we transfer our associated MJF credit to the district." If the donation is being made online, this information can be entered in the box for special instructions.
Why is LCIF not listed in publications/tv alerts, etc. as an organization participating in the relief efforts. LCIF staff assures that this information is widely circulated to media outlets everywhere. I am to receive a list of where this info was sent and which ones picked it up. 
How are the monies from LCIF being used? LCIF monies for disaster relief are typically directed to the District Governors in the affected areas. They administer the use of the funds to provide assistance to those in need. As the representatives of LCIF at the scene, they make decisions within LCIF guidelines as to how the money should be spent.  

Lions Clubs International Foundation has mobilized more than US$1 million for relief in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan (known locally as Typhoon Yolanda). This includes US$130,000 in grants immediately provided by LCIF. These funds will allow Lions to provide for basic needs including food, water, clothing and medicine, as well as provide long-term disaster relief efforts and reconstruction. 
You can read a message from the LCIF Chairperson, learn more about LCIF disaster relief efforts and make a donation towards disaster relief online - www.lcif.org.  

Thank you for your support.  

Update: Club Donations List 
Here is a list of donations by Clubs 

More from Lucky 

I have no words to thank all the Lions Clubs of our District for their contribution for disaster relief in Philippines. 17 Clubs (which I am aware of) out of 34 clubs in our District responded to the call, but I am sure that there are many more who have not reported to me. 13 of these clubs have contributed to LCIF towards the disaster relief fund. The total amount contributed has reached $17,000, out of which $5,000 has been donated by Ridgecrest Lions Club and $3,000 by Palmdale Lions Club. 

The detail list of all the clubs who have donated is above at Club Donations List

4 Clubs of Sierra Region (Bishop, Lone Pine, Independence, and Mammoth) have done remarkable work in contributing more than $8,000 towards the expenses of doctors of Mammoth Medical Group who visited Philippines. A local medical team from Sierra Region was on the way to Mexico on a humanitarian mission. They diverted to the Philippines when they heard of the need for medical care. The 15 surgeons, doctors, and medical volunteers in the Mammoth Medical Missions group were the first medical team on the ground on the island of Leyte after the typhoon. They were in the Philippines for about a week performing about 50 surgeries a day. 

All 4 Lions Clubs in the area (Bishop, Lone Pine, Independence, and Mammoth) as well as the four Rotary clubs in the area joined to raise money to help the group pay for travel expenses and medical supplies that the team used. They were successful in collecting more than $8000 for the cause. 

So far over one million has been donated by LCIF for disaster relief in the Philippines and this amount has been used to purchase tents, constructing water purification systems, setting up relief centers and establishing tent villages for the refugees. LCIF has set up a coordinating committee of lions leaders in the area as they are in the best position to determine and respond to the needs left in the wake of the typhoon. For further details and pictures visit www.lionsclubs.org and click on Philippines Relief latest updates.  


Northwest Glendale Lions and Pacific Clinics  

Northwest Glendale Lions are partnering with Pacific Clinics to provide vision screening for preschool children in Glendale and Altadena. 

Pacific Clinics has the government contract to provide Head Start and Early Head Start programs for Glendale, and Early Head Start programs for Pasadena and Altadena. The programs include vision testing and other health tests along with providing meals and other assistance. 
As part of the program, Lions will test children with an IScreen machine obtained through a grant from the Foundation of the Verdugos. The machine tests children from infants to age 6 for a number of potential eye problems including nearsightedness, farsightedness, cataracts or tumors, astigmatism, droopy eye, and other abnormalities.  

Current plans call for testing 460 children at four locations in the next month. The locations are: 610 N. Glendale Avenue, 735 E. Lexington Ave., and 1003 S. Verdugo Road, all in Glendale, and 349 W. Altadena Drive in Altadena 

Lions Vince De Santis and Ted Walters are in charge for the Northwest Lions, working with Nina Paddock, Health and Nutrition Manager for Pacific Clinics for the two programs 

Northwest Glendale Lions have tested 225 children with the IScreen machine in the past year resulting in approximately 14 per cent of the children being referred for further examination by their doctors. 

For more information on the Northwest Glendale Lions activities, click on our website www.glendalelions.com. 
Or Contact: Ross Adams at rossritaadams@att.net or 818-243-4458 


Important Student Speaker Information 

As high school students are getting ready to head back to school this fall, we Lions need to be ramping up for the upcoming Student Speaker Contest. With your help, I know this year’s contest will be a huge success. Below are some preliminary information, action items, and deadlines regarding the Student Speaker Contest: 

Official Contest Topic: 

Community Service – What does it mean and why does it matter? 

Action Items: 
  • Prior to 9/1/13, please appoint a Student Speaker Contest Chairperson for your club if you have not already done so. Then, email his/her name, email address, and phone number to your Zone and Region Chairs and cc me at davidkphung@yahoo.com 
  • Prior to 10/1/13, please order a Student Speaker Contest packet by visiting http://md4lions.org/, http://md4lions.org/StudentSpeakerPacket or by contacting the MD4 administrative office at 800-546-6634. IMPORTANT: Please note that there will be a charge of $15/packet for orders placed on or after 10/1/13. Upon receipt, please read the packet in its entirety TWICE. Also, be sure to review additional information in the Student Speaker Contest Library found on the site: Username: md4student, Password: md4speaker Note: Please do not share username and password with anyone who is not part of the Lions Club.
  • Prior to 11/1/13, please set a club contest date and confirm a venue. The club contest must take place on or before 2/23/14. Be sure to adhere to all contest rules outlined in packets. Communicate the date and venue information via email to your Zone and Region Chairs and cc me at davidkphung@yahoo.com 

Student Speaker Contest Completion Deadlines: 
  • Club Contests completed on or before 2/23/14 
  • Zone Contests completed on or before 3/16/14 
  • Region Contests completed on or before 4/6/14 
  • District Contests completed on or before 5/4/14 (but not on or between 4/24/14-4/28/14) 
  • Area Contests completed on or before 6/1/14 
  • Final Contest will be held on 6/7/14 at the Council of Governors Meeting (location to be determined) 

As you know, the Student Speaker Contest allows our youth to express their views on important issues in our communities, while affording them the opportunity to earn scholarships to help pay for higher education. This year the Lions Fourth District Student Speaker Foundation will provide scholarships totaling $103,500.00. From this amount, each of the fifteen District winners will receive a $4,500.00 scholarship, each of the four Area winners will receive an additional $6,500.00 scholarship and the winner of the Multiple District Four Contest will receive an additional $10,000.00 scholarship. For additional information, including how to donate to the Lions Fourth Student Speaker Foundation, please visit http://ssf.md4lions.org/ 

Thank you in advance for your participation in this year’s Student Speaker Contest. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me if you need any assistance. Have a great weekend! 

Best Regards, 
David K. Phung 
Mobile: 626-848-6800 
E-mail: davidkphung@yahoo.com 
Ambassador, Children's Hospital L.A. (Vision Center) 
District Student Speaker Contest Chair, Lions Club 4L1 
 Board Member, L.A. Envision Lions Club 


Student Speaker Topic for 2013/14  

This year's topic chosen by the Council of Governors is:   
Community Service - What does It Mean and Why Does It Matter?   

You will need to use your District Handbook to get this information to every Club via e-mail. After that, I recommend you follow up with a personal phone call.   

Let every Club know to order their Student Speaker Package from the MD-4 website, no postcard shall be mailed this year. If preferred, any Club can call directly the MD-4 Office to order the Student Speaker package.   

It is very important to also advise that any Club will pay $15 if their package is ordered after October 1st, or if they lose their package.   

There were no rules changes this year to the handbook. This will make your job of training easier. I suggest you prepare your training course/disk/etc. when you have time now.   

Student Speaker packages should be mailed out no later than October 1 of this year.   



Watch rare newsreel footage of Helen Keller 

LCI Logo
Watch historic newsreel footage and other rare films of Helen Keller with Anne Sullivan in the digital May LION Magazine.
View these videos in the LION Magazine (located in the box at the bottom of page 25) to see Helen speak about her greatest disappointment and meet with Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Frank Sinatra and other legendary figures. Also, a 1950s documentary presents Helen's daily life.



PDG Wayne Hoffmeyer is issuing an urgent appeal for all clubs to "step up" their collections of used eyeglasses.

We're currently out of the supply of used eyeglasses for the Lions In Sight effort going on at the Lancaster prison.  A shipment of approx. 6,200 pairs were picked up a couple weeks ago, headed for the warehouse in Vallejo, but we need to keep the process going in order to prepare for clinic trips.

At the same time we need to continue collecting used cell phones for Lions In Sight, which are recycled in Loveland, Colorado. This effort provides funds for LIS to pay for warehouse expenses.

Gail Adams


   One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative Update

Dear Fellow Lion,
Right now all over the world, there are children who are sick with a fever, runny nose, swollen eyes and cough. Over time, a rash appears. This is no ordinary childhood sickness. This is measles, and it can be deadly. Parents throughout the world experience their child becoming sick with measles just because they do not have access to a simple preventative vaccine.
I've always believed that one person can make a difference, but that by acting together, we are able to do so much more. Last year, I challenged you to plant one million trees. You not only met that challenge, you exceeded it by planting 10 million trees. October will mark the anniversary of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's challenge to Lions - raise US$10 million to help eliminate measles to be matched by the Gates Foundation with US$5 million. I not only believe that we will meet their challenge in the coming months, I believe that we can exceed it. This year, we will help millions of children around the world and confirm why the Gates Foundation knows we are such valuable partners.
Thanks to many generous Lions, donations to the One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative have reached more than US$5 million. But, Lions and LCIF are just halfway to our goal. There is still work to be done.
Measles kills hundreds of children each day. Many others suffer from severe complications, including blindness, brain damage and hearing loss. With an inexpensive vaccine made possible by the Measles Initiative, Lions have the power to ensure that children around the world have access to a healthier childhood through a simple vaccination.
When we believe, nothing is impossible. It's time to get involved.
Wing-Kun Tam
Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation


Guidelines to Co-operating with Thieves 

If, at dissolution, any of the remaining funds are going to a charitable non-profit 501©(3) organization (such as LCIF, LPCCI, Lions in Sight etc.) then the club is required to file a Form RRF-1 (http://oag.ca.gov/sites/all/files/agweb/pdfs/charities/charitable/rrf1_form.pdf)with the Registry of Charitable Trusts, a division of the Attorney General’s office. If the club hasn’t registered yet, they would need to file a form CT-1(http://oag.ca.gov/sites/all/files/agweb/pdfs/charities/charitable/ct1-form.pdf). 

 This is an annual filing with the Registry of Charitable Trusts and the RRF-1 would be filed along with a copy of the club’s Form 990. For some clubs who do not file the 990 or 990-EZ because their total receipts are less than $50,000, they would simply file the RRF-1 alone with no attachments. There is also a fee to go with this based on the gross receipts of the club though it is not significant and it is based on the level of gross receipts that are reported on the Form 990.