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District Governor Visit to Boron

From left to right are: RC Sondra Tersigni, Boron Club President Sandra Osborne, !st Lady Ana Oviedo, District Governor Eduardo Oviedo, Cabinet Secretary Gail Adams and in attendance as Zone Chair, John Minneci.

Region Chair Report

On November 27th I made a visitation to the Boron Club. There were quite a few in attendance from other clubs: Sue Morrison, Eddie and Doris Mann and Vicky and Walt Satalino of Tehachapi, PDG Vern Le Beau and Larry Taylor from Mojave, Charlene Sims from Ridgecrest to support the Boron Club with her husband Stuart, from the Boron Club. Also from the Boron Club were: Jim Osborne, Kay Welling (surviving spouse of PDG James Welling) and Tooru Nakahira. 

 To top the evening off there was an induction of a new lion for Club Boron. She is the great-Granddaughter of Lion Tooru. When asked to speak about becoming a member she merely stated that through going to all the functions with her grandfather, she was able to see just what lions do. All of you who attended the guide dog event this year, saw her dance with other members of her family. She is excited to spread the word about lions. It was definitely an inspiring evening! 

Because of the distance out to Boron, Lion Gail Adams and I decided to stay at the Oxford Inn of Lancaster. The Oxford Inn is the site of the March Desert region cabinet meeting. Each overnight guest in this hotel receives a reception in the evening and breakfast in the morning, complementary.

 In the meantime, don't miss the Valley region meeting in the Reseda area. That event will be at 9:00 on January 19. Rumor has it that the agenda for the Valley region meeting will be very colorful. You may not want to miss it!

RC Sondra Tersigni