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District 4-L1 Governor and Cabinet Installation

Lions from all over gathered at the Glendale Hilton in Glendale CA for the Metro Region Meeting and for the MD4-L District Governor and Cabinet Installation 2012.07.21.  

1 Cabinet Breakfast on the Hilton Terrace 

Cabinet Breakfast on the Hilton Terrace

4 Lions sign in to Metro Region Meeting 



7 Lions greet each other and find seats prior to the start of the Metro Region Meeting 

Lions greet each other and find seats prior to the start of the Metro Region Meeting 

10 Metro Region Chair Nancy Chan calls Metro Region Meeting to order

11 Metro Region Chair Nancy Chan introduces incoming icoming MD4-L1 District Governor Eduardo Oviedo

12  Incoming MD4-L1 District Governor Eduardo Oviedo introduces guests and welcomes attendees to the Metro Region Meeting

13 Incoming MD4-L1 Cabinet Secretary Gail Adams calls roll

14 Incoming MD4-L1 Cabinet Secretary Gail Adams- Sunshine

15  Desert Region Chair Sondra Tersigni- District 4-L1 Today Editor 

16  PDG David Hebebrand- Budget and Finance

17 Lion Marion Douglas- District Directory

18 Lion Peter Rowland- Diabetes Walk and Awareness

19 Lion Aggie Vosburg- District Activities

20 PDG Wayne Hoffmeyer- Eyemobile and Eyeglass Collection

21 PDG Doude Wysbeek- Global Membership Team

22 PDG Duldley Lang

23 2nd Vice District Governor Eva Hebebrand-  Membership

26 PDG Dudley Lang- Orientation

27 District Photographer Larry Taylor- Interclub Activities

28 Lion Catina Hood- International Food Fair

29 PDG Lucky Lakhani- LCIF,  MD4 Conventions, and USA Canada Forum

30 District Tail Twister PDG Bill Newyear- Nominating Committee

31 Lion Kathy Annan- Sight Conservation and Activity for blind folks

32 Zone 'A' Chair John Minneci- Student Speaker

33 District Song Leader PDG Ron Burdick- Youth Exchange

34  Lion Aggie Vosburg conducts seminar on using 'My LCI' for Lions activities at the Glendale Hilton 2012.07.21

35 PDG Bill Newyear imposes 'fines' for humourous behaviour during the Metro Region Meeting 

36 PDG Ross Adams

37 Incoming  MD4-L1 District Governor Eduardo Oviedo presents certificate to PID Bill Crawford

38 Incoming MD4-L1 District Governor Eduardo Oviedo presents certificate to Lion Pat and MD4-A1 District Governor Jim Syvertsen  2012.07.21

40  Incoming 1st Vice District Governor Josephine Louie presents certificate to MD4-L2 First Vice District Governor Kenny Shu

41 Randy Stein talks about Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation of Southern California 2012.07.21

42  Incoming MD4-L1 District Governor Eduardo Oviedo presents an appreciation certificate to Randy Stein for his work in the Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation of Southern California 2012.07.21

43 PDG Dudley Lang conducts a District Officer Training session at the Metro District Region Meeting and Installation at the Glendale Hilton 2012.07.21

44  Acton CA Lion Sondra Tersigni photographing outgoing MD4-L1 District Governor Kadam and Committee Chair Bhavna Shodhan prior to dinner at the Glendale Hilton for the MD4-L1 District Governor and Cabinet Installation 2012.07.21

45 Steak with mashed potatoes and vegetables 

46 MD4-L1 Cabinet prior to installation in Glendale Hilton 2012.07.21